Rennick Food Lawyers: Superior legal advice for the food Industry

At Rennick Solicitors we can offer our clients in food and retails a superior level of legal advice based on our unique mix of scientific and legal expertise. This expertise is built not just on a legal background in the courts, but also on our our hands-on experience in industry and rertail. 

Our cross functional legal team is made up of Brendan Kelly a Solicitor and Food Technologist who has more than twenty years experience in the European food industry and a team of experienced solicitors, lead by Brian A Rennick, a commercial lawyer with a background of more than twenty years in corporate law.  

Food businesses have specific legal  needs which must be meet within the unique commercial and scientific environment of the food industry. We are not just health and safety solicitors, nor environmental lawyers. Our cross functional team having worked in industry, has real world experience of  the practical aspects of the law. We have firsthand experience of the interaction between the law and industry. This legislation includes health and safety law, environmental regulations, commercial contracts, food franchise agreements, IP law and employment law as they relate to food commerce. 



Your Experience

Businesses today are faced with an ever increasing burden of bureaucracy and regulation. Legal issues in the food industry are particularly complex. Laws impact every step of the manufacturing and commercial process. These extensive and detailed regulations can suffocate a business, paralysing decision making and killing innovation. On-top of these bureaucratic burdens, businesses are faced with a highly sensitive market, where analytical techniques and mass media create a dangerous and demanding legal environment. In seeking to minimise such threats, food firms can benefit from working with food lawyers who understand these legal, scientific and commercial concerns

Our Experience

With over fifty years of combined experience in food science and law, our professionals have advised a range of leading European companies on legal and scientific issues. Our experience of laboratory analysis, processing and business give us a superior insight into the legal problems faced by food companies. We can provide legal advice from a team of professionals who not only understand terms likeHACCP, TVC, or HPLC but have done the analysis, interpreted the results and made the decisions. We understand legal issues in their scientific and business context

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New EFSA Guidance on Novel Foods

The European Food Safety Authority has introduced new guidance  relating to the legal status of novel foods. Novel foods are somewhat prone to controversy as by their  very nature they are new, without a history of consumption onthe European Market. These "new" (novel) foods maybe newly developed with new technolgies (eg synthetic zeaxanthin),  newly extracted (eg rapeseed protein), or foods which have not be traditionally eaten within the EU (eg chia seeds). Obviously like all foods novel foods must be safe   and correctly labeled , but in establishing their safety and labelling them correctly the food indsutry faces greater challanges than traditional foods. The EFSA new guidance on the issue can be be seen here: 

Tesco guacamole hit by suspected Salmonella

Tesco Ireland recently recalled its guacamole dip due to a suspected contamination with Salmonella. Salmonella is a rod-shaped (bacillus) gram-negative bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family and one the most notorious and patogenic of the food related bacteria. It is most associated with food poisoning (particularly wtih eggs and poulatry) and with typhoid fever. There have been previous association with foods which are higly handled and not cooked, but it is not normally assoicated with avocado products. The European Food Safety Authority have an informative and helpful video on Salmonela.